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Statement of the Head of the Bureau

Councillor Reem Abu Al Rub


The Bureau launches its new look with confident steps towards quality and excellence in line with the legal references to serve the Palestinian community within national policies and priorities with the aim of excellence in performance and provision of services to the Palestinian citizen efficiently and effectively.

Contributing to strengthening the legal structure of the state is one of the most important strategic goals that we work hard to achieve by publishing legislation that meets the needs of society, keeps pace with changes, and anticipates the future, in addition to other tasks and specializations approved by law, and perhaps the most important of them is the preparation of specialized legal research and studies that serve various groups of society considering it as specialized developmental research and placing it before the decision-makers in the state to take the necessary decisions to support the Palestinian society, as well as updating the electronic reference of the Official Gazette in a way that enhances the access of all segments of society to legal information, and since the website of the Bureau is one of the means of communication and communication, we are working on updating it and feeding it permanently and continuously to meet the needs all.

We at the Official Gazette Bureau believe in partnership and work to build a network of local and international relations, coordination, and cooperation with all partner agencies to achieve its goals and develop its performance by looking at regional and international experiences to serve the Palestinian society.

In order to achieve our vision, mission, and strategic goals, we always strive to invest and develop the human resource as one of the most important pillars of the Bureau and to develop its capabilities as a thinker and capable of innovation and innovation in a way that enhances the institutional structure of the Bureau.

We are proud of our past achievements and strive to continue moving forward toward the future at a steady and supportive pace for our institutions and our Palestinian society.